It is important for Flanders to stay on the map in the field of science and technology. Only a strong focus on knowledge will enable companies to innovate. That is why as a research centre we find it important to promote STEM study areas (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) among young people, encouraging them to choose for science and technology. Our comprehensive approach also target girls, top talents and scholars from disadvantaged groups, who traditionally are not directly inclined to choose these study areas. For this, Flanders Make works, among others, together with the Flemish FABLABs. 

We support Ingegno Maker Space (non-profit organisation ‘De Creatieve Stem’) with the organisation of STEM workshops for students in the sixth grade of primary school ‘De Speling’ in Lommel, through which they can taste from science and technology at a young age. The workshops took place on 14 and 15 June 2018. The result was encouraging. Children made 3D-printed fridge magnets and programmed an Arduino computer. 

On ‘Open  Bedrijvendag’, companies across Flanders open their doors to the general public. So did Flanders Make. We were very proud of our over 1400 interested visitors for our virtual reality rooms, climate chamber and robots as it was the first time that we showed our three new living labs to the public. 

The last Sunday of November marks Science Day. Flanders Make pulled its weight with a stand at our colleagues from FlandersMake@.Gent.