Our team has its say

"After my studies in engineering sciences and electrical engineering and my master-after-master in artificial intelligence, I considered for a while going for a doctorate as I find research into new technologies very interesting. But I also realised that academic research is often of a general nature and cannot necessarily be applied for industrial applications. That’s why I chose to start working as an associate research engineer within the DecisionS core lab of Flanders Make. Here, I get the opportunity to perform research that is specifically targeted at industrial applications. I find it very rewarding to know that my work can be used in practice.

Today, I’m working on three projects simultaneously. One project is about computer vision. In this project, we are studying efficient ways to analyse and understand camera images and, at the same time, select and test the right hardware. Another project is about optimisation: selecting the most optimal position for a sensor on an object. The third project studies autonomous agricultural vehicles. Here, I’m analysing the different types of sensors for detecting the field around the tractor as accurately as possible. All of my projects include a research section and a specific application for or request from the industry.

Apart from our industrial partners, university research groups are also involved in all of my projects. You can consider Flanders Make as the glue between academic research, which often finds good but general solutions, and the specific applications that the industry is looking for. This implies that, often, we must find a turnkey solution for a customer within a relatively short term. But I like this dynamic, it’s also something that typifies us. Since I started working here a couple of months ago, many other new colleagues have joined our team. So, we are definitely dynamic and have the ambition to continue to be so in future."

Pieter De Clercq

“At Flanders Make, we bridge the gap between university research groups and the industry, which is exactly what makes my job so fascinating.”

Pieter De Clercq, associate research engineer